<AWT Dev> [12] Review Request: 8210692 The "com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning" class can be dropped

mandy chung mandy.chung at oracle.com
Mon Sep 17 15:31:47 UTC 2018

On 9/16/18 12:48 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 15/09/2018 22:00, Philip Race wrote:
>> It was exported  in the past .. and it was publicly documented ..
>> http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/javase/appletwarning-135102.html 
>> .. so I think Sergey was correct in his "JDK" scope.
>> Implementation would be for something entirely internal.
> I think Sergey's changes are okay.
> The main issue with com.sun.awt API is that it tried to be both an 
> exported and internal/unsupported API at the same time (it's javadoc 
> reads "This class is an implementation detail and only meant for 
> limited use outside of the core platform"). This doesn't work for 
> modules. In addition the design principles in JEP 200 make it clear 
> that standard modules should not export a non-standard package to all 
> modules. If there has been extensive use of this API then I could 
> imagine it being refactored and moved into a JDK-specific module but 
> there was little evidence of usage. So where we ended up in JDK 9 is 
> that the API is not exported. This means, as Mandy hinted, you can't 
> compile against this API (at least not without --add-exports to the 
> compiler). Existing code using this API will continue to run on JDK 9, 
> 10, 11 or until the java.desktop module is fully encapsulated or the 
> SecurityWarning class is removed. Sergey got there first.

Yes.  Since it was decided not to export com.sun.awt API (JDK-8051640), 
they are no longer supported.  Is there a CSR filed officially declaring 
com.sun.awt APIs are no longer supported? Since it's already deprecated 
for removal, it may be worth to have a release note for JDK-8205588 if 
we didn't officially declare it unsupported.

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