<AWT Dev> Request for Sponsor: 8217735: awt_image_GifImageDecoder_parseImage() "interlace" param has the wrong type

Andrew Leonard andrew_m_leonard at uk.ibm.com
Tue Mar 26 19:42:04 UTC 2019

Please can I obtain a sponsor for this simple fix to correct the 
parseImage() jni parameter type?

The problem manifests itself most notably with OpenJ9 when running the 
SwingSet2 demo, depending on how the stack byte alignment resolves 
I've not seen an issue yet running SwingSet2 with Hotspot, possibly by 
luck of stack alignment.

Many thanks

Andrew Leonard
Java Runtimes Development
IBM Hursley
IBM United Kingdom Ltd
Phone internal: 245913, external: 01962 815913
internet email: andrew_m_leonard at uk.ibm.com 

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