<AWT Dev> 8236161: AWT Simple Example not Work

Yasumasa Suenaga suenaga at oss.nttdata.com
Sat Jul 11 08:40:25 UTC 2020

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your advice!

I filed this to JBS (JDK-8249215), and I've sent review request to 2d-dev.




On 2020/07/11 15:20, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
> Hi, Yasumasa.
> On 10.07.2020 21:15, Yasumasa Suenaga wrote:
>> I created a patch as following, and it works fine on my Windows 10 box. I want to fix this issue with it, but JDK-8236161 is closed as duplicate of JDK-8229126 (I cannot see it).
>> Anyone works for this issue? Should I file it as new bug?
> I suggest to open another bug which could be fixed by you,
> I'll close the JDK-8229126 as a duplicate of the new bug.
> BTW this is 2d area, please send a review request to the 2d-dev.

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