<AWT Dev> RFR: 8253375: OSX build fails with Xcode 12.0 (12A7209)

Baesken, Matthias matthias.baesken at sap.com
Tue Sep 29 14:41:59 UTC 2020

> Hi, Matthias, Kim. No problem opening a separate issue to fix CSystemColors.m.

Hi Paul, did that :



Best regards, Matthias

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Subject: RE: RFR: 8253375: OSX build fails with Xcode 12.0 (12A7209)

Hi, Matthias, Kim. No problem opening a separate issue to fix CSystemColors.m.


On 9/29/20, 4:23 AM, "hotspot-dev on behalf of Kim Barrett" <hotspot-dev-retn at openjdk.java.net on behalf of kim.barrett at oracle.com> wrote:

    > On Sep 29, 2020, at 3:14 AM, Matthias Baesken <mbaesken at openjdk.java.net> wrote:
    > On Fri, 25 Sep 2020 06:06:31 GMT, Kim Barrett <kbarrett at openjdk.org> wrote:
    >>> Please review this small patch to enable the OSX build using Xcode 12.0.
    >>> Thanks,
    >>> Paul
    >> src/java.desktop/macosx/native/libawt_lwawt/awt/CSystemColors.m line 129:
    >>> 127:     NSColor* result = nil;
    >>> 128:
    >>> 129:     if (colorIndex < ((useAppleColor) ? sun_lwawt_macosx_LWCToolkit_NUM_APPLE_COLORS :
    >>> java_awt_SystemColor_NUM_COLORS)) {
    >> This looks like a plain old bug fix, nothing really to do with the compiler upgrade.  The new compiler presumably just
    >> has a new warning that brought attention to the problem.  As such, I don't think it belongs in a PR that's about issues
    >> related to the compiler upgrade.  Someone might want to backport just this fix, for example.
    > Hello  Kim, Paul -  so should we open a separate bug for the
    > src/java.desktop/macosx/native/libawt_lwawt/awt/CSystemColors.m issue because it might be a general  problem just
    > uncovered by the new compiler ? Paul , do you want to do this ? Or should I open a bug and post a separate change for
    > the useAppleColor check in CSystemColors.m ?

    I think so.

    > -------------
    > PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/348

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