Code-Tools, Git and Skara

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Wed Mar 18 17:06:10 UTC 2020

As many or most of you know, there is work underway to investigate 
moving OpenJDK repos from Mercurial to Git. This is described in Project 
Skara[1], JEP 357[2] and JEP 369[3].

Project Skara provides CLI tools for interacting with Git and GitHub[4] 
for those contributors that prefer working from a terminal. You can find 
more info about these CLI tools on the Skara wiki page [5].

There are already Git mirrors for many OpenJDK repos on Github and some 
projects have already migrated.

The Code Tools Project is a collection of sub-projects. There are 
currently read-only mirrors of all Code Tools sub-projects on GitHub, 
you can it use to try out Git and some of the CLI tooling, though 
submitting pull requests and pushing will not work (as they are 
read-only mirrors). Now, some Code Tools sub-projects are now interested 
to migrate as well.

A transition for a Code Tools sub-project entails switching to Git as an 
SCM and the repository will be hosted on GitHub. After the transition, 
the current Mercurial repository for the sub-project will become a 
read-only archive and will no longer be updated.

The following Code Tools sub-projects have already expressed an 
interesting in transitioning Git, GitHub and Skara:
- JCov
- JTHarness
- asmtools

Announcements and discussions of such transitions will take place on 
each sub-project's mailing list, for example 
jtharness-dev at for the JTHarness sub-project.

Jonathan Gibbons


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