RFR: MethodHandles.Lookup. Wrong access verification

Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at gmx.de
Mon Dec 2 21:42:44 UTC 2013


some days ago i had written[0] that i maybe found a bug in access
verification in MethodHandles.Lookup.

Now i produces webrev's for the two repos jdk and hotspot.

In the jdk webrev [1] I implemented some additional tests.

In the hotspot webrev [2] I tried to fix the wrong behavior. I am not
sure if it is the right place to fix this.
It is more an proof-of-concept--like--reverse-engineering*//*
that fixes the symptom, and i do not fully
understand all the things in the patched source. In fact i think that we
can move line 187 to 182 instead
of chaning line 245 in methodHandles.cpp. But as i said i do not fully
understand init_method_MemberName
and all those CallInfo::vtable_call / CallInfo::itable_call /
CallInfo::direct_call differences.

Hope my works helps solving this issue. And i hope it is an issue. And i
hope my fix isn't breaking anything else
so that it was enough to test my fix against my new testcase in

Kind regards


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