Review request for 8021368: Launch of Java Web Start app fails with ClassCircularityError exception

Peter Levart peter.levart at
Sat Dec 14 14:09:07 UTC 2013

On 12/12/2013 07:29 PM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> JDK-8021368: Launch of Java Web Start app fails with 
> ClassCircularityError exception in 7u25
> This is a fix for 7u60 only.  It's a regression in 7u25 due to 
> JDK-8010117 where it calls Class.getMethod to determine if the 
> checkMemberAccess method is overridden in a SecurityManager subclass 
> but Class.getMethod causes parameter types and returned type of other 
> public methods to be resolved and hence ClassCircularityError.  It is 
> not an issue in JDK 8 as SecurityManager.checkMemberAccess is 
> deprecated and not called by the JDK (see JDK-8007035).
> Webrev at:
> An alternative implementation is to add a new VM entry point to look 
> up the declaring class of an overridden method instead of using 
> JNI_GetMethodID and get a reflective method for a faster query. Since 
> this check is only performed once in most cases, this performance cost 
> of using JNI is not too bad that the new VM entry point doesn't 
> necessarily buy much more.
> thanks
> Mandy

Hi Mandy,

I tried the following:

public class Test {

     static class A {}

     static class B {}

     static class X {
         public void x() { }

     static class Y extends X {
         public A a(B b) { return null; }
         public B b(A a) { return null; }
         public void x() { }

     public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
         MethodHandles.Lookup lookup = MethodHandles.lookup();
         MethodHandle mh = lookup.findVirtual(Y.class, "x", 
MethodType.methodType(void.class, new Class[0]));
         MethodHandleInfo mhi = lookup.revealDirect(mh);
         System.out.println(mhi.getDeclaringClass() == Y.class);

The above code does not trigger loading of classes A or B. But 
unfortunately it prints true even if I comment-out the declaration of 
method Y.x(). I don't know if this is a bug though. I should ask on the 
mlvm-dev list...

Anyway, your approach seems more appropriate as it doesn't depend on 
method handles and their peculiarities...

Some nits:

2241      * Finds the checkMemberAccess method of the given SecurityManager*instance*.

...I think it should read "...of the given SecurityManager*class*." instead, since the method parameter is of type Class.

2210     private static class SecurityManagerHelper {
2211         private final SecurityManager smgr;
2212         private final boolean overrideCheckMemberAccess;

...the fields could be declared package-private so that no synthetic access methods are generated...

Regards, Peter

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