RFR of lang level code migration patches

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at oracle.com
Thu Dec 19 14:51:19 UTC 2013


Here are some patches that migrate some code to use more up to date language features. I will create a bug later on after feedback.

This is motivated from Brian's patches to lang tools.

I focused just on java.util, minus the concurrent packages, and i used the IDE to assist in the code migration. It's easy to pick off other packages over time. This makes for more of a low-brow effort [*], perfect when one has a cold.

Use <> syntax:

Replace for with for-each 

Replace while with for-each

Compress catches

Use switch for strings; not sure this one is worth it

I ran all the j.u. tests locally and there were no regressions. Yet to run a JPRT job.


[*] although one needs to be vigilant since sometimes the IDE can refactor incorrectly and sometimes code is arranged in a certain way for a reason (which one reason for leaving j.u.concurrent packages alone for now).

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