Review 8007703: Remove com.sun.servicetag API

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Fri Feb 15 16:07:27 UTC 2013

On 2/15/2013 1:53 AM, David Holmes wrote:
> Hi Mandy,
> On 15/02/2013 9:31 AM, Mandy Chung wrote:
>> Remove com.sun.servicetag that we no longer support.  This includes
>> updates the makefiles and so include build-infra to review this
>> change.
> This will require a tweak to profile-rtjar-includes.txt once it gets 
> pushed next week. It won't cause any build problems though so it is 
> okay for us to do a follow up CR to make the adjustment.

Thanks David.  That's what I understand from the profiles makefiles and 
it won't cause any build problem.   I'll file a follow-up CR to adjust 


> David
>> It's solely JDK implementation-specific that was added to
>> support JDK product registration and service tag as legacy
>> Sun-software requirement in 2007.
>> Webrev at:
>> Thanks
>> Mandy

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