JEP 161 SE Compact Profiles has pushed to jdk8/build forest

David Holmes david.holmes at
Tue Feb 19 01:54:21 UTC 2013

The implementation support for the Reference Implementation of the SE 
Compact Profiles described by:

has now been pushed to the jdk8/build forest ready for integration with 
jdk8/jdk8 in time for b78.

This reference implementation is for the Linux platform only.

To build the compact profiles JREs specify the "profiles" target to make:

make profiles

or to build the full JDK/JRE and profile images use:

make images profiles

Profiles are not built by default ("make all").

The Profile JRE's are created in the images directory along side the 
j2re-image and j2sdk-image, and are named j2re-compactN-image, for N=1,2,3

One minor issue we just became aware of (bug 8008424), don't have the 
variable PROFILE set in your environment when building the "images" 
target. Workaround is to either unset the env variable before calling 
make, or pass PROFILE="" as a make argument when building. This will be 
fixed ASAP.

David Holmes

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