Fwd: RFR: 8007806: Need a Throwables performance counter

Nils Loodin nils.loodin at oracle.com
Fri Feb 22 13:10:02 UTC 2013

Does anyone have anything strongly against this? This is a small change 
just to add a performance counter, the code to increment it and read it 
will live in other parts of the code and be a part of a larger separate 

Alan Bateman gave the response that the name was inappropriate, but I 
don't really have a better alternative, but neither do I have strong 
opinions, so feedback would be appreciated!

How about
"sun.throwables.thrownThrowables" ?

Nils Loodin

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Subject: RFR: 8007806: Need a Throwables performance counter
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2013 18:10:02 +0100
From: Nils Loodin <nils.loodin at oracle.com>
To: core-libs-dev at openjdk.java.net,        serviceability_dev_ww_grp 
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It would be interesting to know the number of thrown throwables in the
JVM, to be able to do some high level application diagnostics /
statistics. A good way to put this number would be a performance
counter, since it is accessible both from Java and from the VM.


Nils Loodin

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