Review request for JDK-8014834 : shell tests don't begin with #!/bin/sh

Eric McCorkle eric.mccorkle at
Mon Jun 3 14:49:35 UTC 2013

Thanks all, putting the changes in.

On 06/03/13 06:07, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 01/06/2013 13:32, Eric McCorkle wrote:
>> Thanks, Kumar.  Do I have a second?
> For the jdk repository then only one reviewer is required although in
> specialized or complicated areas then having a reviewer that knows the
> area well is important. In this case I think you are good to go.
> Just on Kumar's comment then I think a lot of the shell tests start with
> "#!" already so I would expect that scripts that check or fix-up
> copyright headers should be able to deal with this already. Another
> point, and maybe this for follow-on work, is that many of the shell
> tests don't have anything so it would be good to fix them up too. We
> should of course keep an eye out for opportunities to replace the shell
> tests as our ultimate goal should be to get rid of them.
> -Alan.

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