8016218: Warnings building corba repo due to missing hashCode methods

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Mon Jun 10 20:10:55 UTC 2013

On 10/06/2013 20:59, Daniel Fuchs wrote:
> On 6/10/13 9:04 PM, Mike Duigou wrote:
>> StubDelegateImpl.java::
>> - Could just call Objects.hashCode(ior);
>> RepIdDelegator::
>> - Could also call Objects.hashCode(delegate) as it extends nothing 
>> the super.equals(delegate) is calling Object.equals
> Depends on whether you intend to backport the patch to jdk7.
> I suspect that CORBA is like JAXP - in that it needs to be compiled 
> with the
> bootstrap JDK (if I remember well it's compiled before JAXP).
The corba repository is compiled with the boot JDK so it's not currently 
possible to use new language features or libraries. Hopefully in time 
this wart in the build can be sorted out, maybe by compiling it at the 
same time (there are circularly dependencies due to support for the IIOP 
transport in a few areas, plus other CORBA interop). So you are right 
that Objects couldn't be used if back-ported (although I wasn't planning 
to do that).


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