Code update for 8014319: Faster division of large integers

Tim Buktu tbuktu at
Sun Jun 30 23:20:08 UTC 2013


I made a few changes to the BigInteger code in my GitHub repo:
 * Moved Burnikel-Ziegler division to MutableBigInteger
 * Added more comments to the Burnikel-Ziegler code
 * Updated Barrett thresholds
 * Merged and with the latest from hg

The files at the links below contain the latest code for bugs 8014319
and 8014320.
Brian, if you want me to, I can make an updated patch for just 8014319.

Is 8014319 going to be next up for review?
Also, would it be okay to do a s/Reminder/Remainder/g on and include it in 8014319?


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