JEP 276: Dynamic Linking of Language-Defined Object Models

Attila Szegedi attila.szegedi at
Thu Oct 22 16:22:30 UTC 2015


here’s some updates on this JEP, mostly making the code and docs 
available to the community for evaluation.

Where’s the code?

The JDK 9 sandbox repo now has a branch named “JEP-276-branch” where the
work is ongoing. If you aren’t familiar with the JDK 9 sandbox, you can
read all about it here:

If you clone this repo, the source code is in nashorn/src/jdk.dynalink 
directory. (It being in the nashorn subrepo is not necessarily final, 
we just peeled it off of Nashorn in the first step.)

How to get the docs?

Again, go to nashorn/make and issue "ant dynalinkapi". You'll get the
docs in nashorn/dist/javadoc directory. They should be quite 
comprehensive. For your convenience I also uploaded the docs to

How to get a binary?

If you go to nashorn/make directory and issue "ant jar" you’ll get a JAR
file in nashorn/dist/nashorn.jar that includes the Dynalink classes. 
Again, they're colocated with Nashorn for the time being, but you can 
use Dynalink and ignore Nashorn. (There's no dependencies from Dynalink 
to Nashorn, mind you, they just share the JAR file at the moment.)

You can use the latest Early Access Release of JDK9 from 
<> and launch the JVM with nashorn.jar
prepended to boot class path with "-Xbootclasspath/p:" option.

Mind you, we haven't gotten to updating the makefiles yet, so at the 
time of this writing an attempt to build a full JDK from the branch will
fail. That's why I'm suggesting you take the EA build and add the 
nashorn.jar to its boot class path.

That's all for now - give it a try and I'll be happy to hear your 
feedback. I will be at JavaOne in San Francisco next week; if you happen
to be around, get in touch and I would be happy to discuss it in person


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