RFR (JAXP) JDK-8067170: Enable security manager on JAXP unit tests

Daniel Fuchs daniel.fuchs at oracle.com
Fri Jul 22 07:58:35 UTC 2016

Hi Frank,

I see that in order to be able to run the tests, you were forced
to add a few permissions that the test/test infrastructure need
to setup things:

  107         addPermission(new SecurityPermission("getPolicy"));
  108         addPermission(new SecurityPermission("setPolicy"));
  109         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("getClassLoader"));
  110         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("createClassLoader"));
  111         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("setSecurityManager"));
  112         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("createSecurityManager"));
  113         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("modifyThread"));
  114         addPermission(new PropertyPermission("*", "read, write"));
  115         addPermission(new ReflectPermission("suppressAccessChecks"));
  116         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("setIO"));
  117         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("setContextClassLoader"));
  118         addPermission(new RuntimePermission("accessDeclaredMembers"));

These are quite powerful permissions, and adding them by default
also means that you might miss a bug - if e.g. a doPrivileged is
missing somewhere in the JAXP code when jaxp tries to e.g. get/create
a classloader, or read a system property, you might not see

I had a similar issue when writing logging test, were I wanted
to temporarily disable permission checking in the middle of a test
to perform an infrastructure configuration.

So what I did is use an ThreadLocal<AtomicBoolean> to temporarily
disable permission checking - which allows me in my tests to do things

boolean before = allowAll.get().get();
try {
    do something that requires a permission
} finally {

My implementation of Policy::implies also checks for

if (allowAll.get().get()) return true;

This allows me to control more tightly the set of permissions
I want my test to run under, while still being able to
perform any action I want to set up things without having
to give the same permission to all.

Hope this helps,

-- daniel

On 22/07/16 07:59, Frank Yuan wrote:
> According to Amy's suggestion, re-generate a webrev http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~fyuan/8067170/webrev.01/ as well as fix some issues,
> please check.
> Thanks
> Frank
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>> On 7/18/16 5:32 PM, Frank Yuan wrote:
>>> Btw, I moved internaltest into unittest because it's unnecessary to separate them.
>> Maybe you'd like to regenerate the webrev with hg move for those files?
>> Thanks,
>> Amy

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