RFR: 8152641: Plugin to generate BMH$Species classes ahead-of-time

Claes Redestad claes.redestad at oracle.com
Tue Mar 29 23:03:47 UTC 2016

Hi Peter, Mandy,

On 2016-03-26 12:47, Peter Levart wrote:
> Comparing this with proposed code from webrev:
>  493                         try {
>  494                             return (Class<? extends 
> BoundMethodHandle>)
>  495 Class.forName("java.lang.invoke.BoundMethodHandle$Species_" + 
> LambdaForm.shortenSignature(types));
>  496                         } catch (ClassNotFoundException cnf) {
>  497                             // Not pregenerated, generate the class
>  498                             return generateConcreteBMHClass(types);
>  499                         }
> ...note that the function passed to CLASS_CACHE.computeIfAbsent is 
> executed just once per distinct 'types' argument. Even if you put the 
> generated switch between a call to getConcreteBMHClass and 
> CLASS_CACHE.computeIfAbsent, getConcreteBMHClass(String types) is 
> executed just once per distinct 'types' argument (except in rare 
> occasions when VM can not initialize the loaded class).
> In this respect a successful Class.forName() is not any worse than 
> static resolving. It's just that unsuccessful Class.forName() 
> represents some overhead for classes that are not pre-generated. So an 
> alternative way to get rid of that overhead is to have a HashSet of 
> 'types' strings for pre-generated classes at hand in order to decide 
> whether to call Class.forName or generateConcreteBMHClass.
> What's easier to support is another question.
> Regards, Peter

to have something to compare with I built a version which, like you 
generates a HashSet<String> with the set of generated classes here:


This adds a fair bit of complexity to the plugin and requires we add a 
class in BoundMethodHandle that we can replace. Using the anonymous
compute Function for this seems like the best choice for this.

I've not been able to measure any statistical difference in real startup 
though, and not figured out a smart way to benchmark the overhead of the
CNFE in relation to the class generation (my guess it adds a fraction to 
total cost) and since this adds ever so little footprint and an extra 
lookup to the
fast path it would seem that this is the wrong trade-off to do here.

All-in-all I lean towards moving forward with the first, simpler 
revision of this
patch[1] and then evaluate if webrev.02 or a String-switch+static resolve
as a follow-up.

A compromise would be to keep the SpeciesLookup class introduced here
to allow removing all overhead in case the plugin is disabled.

Mandy: I've not found any test (under jdk/test/tools/jlink or elsewhere) 
has to be updated when adding a plugin like this.



[1] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~redestad/8152641/webrev.01/

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