SPARC <was> Re: RFR 8151163 All Buffer implementations should leverage Unsafe unaligned accessors

John Rose john.r.rose at
Thu Mar 31 06:33:39 UTC 2016

On Mar 30, 2016, at 2:36 AM, Paul Sandoz <paul.sandoz at> wrote:
> When access is performed in loops this can cost, as the alignment checks are not hoisted out. Theoretically could for regular 2, 4, 8 strides through the buffer contents. For such cases alignment of the base address can be checked. Not sure how complicated that would be to support.
> I lack knowledge of the SPARC instruction set to know if we could do something clever as an intrinsic.

A couple of partial thoughts:

If we had bitfield type inference, we would be able to deduce that the low bits of p and p+8 are the same.  Graal has this (because I gave them the formulae[1]).  C2 may be too brittle to add it into TypeInt.  Bitfield inference on expressions of the form p&7 and (p+8)&7 would allow commoning tests in an unrolled loop, hoisting the alignment logic to the top of the loop body, and (perhaps) through the phi to the loop head.

[1]: <>

An intrinsic that would guide the JIT more explicitly would (I think) need an extra argument.  Something like:  getLongUnaligned(p, uo, ao), where uo and ao are both longs, but only ao is required to be naturally aligned ((ao&7)==0).  Yuck.  Maybe this could be pattern-matched in C2; it would be a kludge.

— John

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