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Thu Jul 13 18:24:47 UTC 2017

Thanks for the immediate response.

Having read the thread, I understand the argument against including Pair in the JDK and personally agree with the sw engineering argument. But, it got into javafx.util somehow and is now effectively part of the JDK anyway, so that ship has sailed. Thus, it seemed reasonable me to just copy it from there into java.util, though there would be a maintenance headache if it were desired to keep them sync’ed.

I suppose also that there’s a pov that having it in javafx.util indirectly encourages JavaFX adoption. (

Anyhow, thanks for the explanation.


On 7/13/17, 10:22 AM, "joe darcy" <joe.darcy at> wrote:

    Hi Paul,
    See the discussion in thread:
    In short, no current plans to add java.util.Pair.
    On 7/13/2017 10:07 AM, Hohensee, Paul wrote:
    > See the ancient
    > At Amazon, many projects depend on JavaFX to get only a single class, namely javafx.util.Pair. That means that we must distribute OpenJFX along with our internal OpenJDK distribution, or split javafx.util.Pair out into a separate package, both of which we’d like to avoid in the future. So, are there any plans to add java.util.Pair to JDK10?
    > Thanks,
    > Paul

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