jdk9 vs. jdk8 : TimeZone getDisplayName(Locale.GERMAN) for TZ=MET

Baesken, Matthias matthias.baesken at sap.com
Wed May 31 15:11:25 UTC 2017

I wonder why the display names for timezone MET changed ( I observed this on Linux and Solaris) when I compare
jdk8 to jdk9 .

The test is very small, it just outputs for Locale.GERMAN  the display name.
With jdk8 we get a translated german timezone name, but not with jdk9  (this is a bit strange because  the jdk9 rsource file
still contains the translation).

Is this intentional  or a bug ?

Best regards, Matthias

import java.util.TimeZone;
import java.util.Locale;

public class TimeZoneTest {

    public static void main(String[] args)
        TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getDefault();
        // now test for german
        String dng = tz.getDisplayName(Locale.GERMAN);
        System.out.println("timezone display name for Locale.GERMAN " + dng);

for environment variable TZ=MET  (export TZ=MET) we get :
../output-jdk8/images/j2sdk-image/bin/java  TimeZoneTest
timezone display name for Locale.GERMAN Zentraleuropäische Zeit

../output-jdk9/images/jdk/bin/java  TimeZoneTest
timezone display name for Locale.GERMAN Middle Europe Time

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