Add x-IBM-1129 charset

Nasser Ebrahim enasser at
Wed Jul 25 10:52:47 UTC 2018


I had kept aside this discussion for a while as there is a parallel 
discussion on whether to move the IBM charsets on openjdk  to a different 
location or outside JDK[
]. From that discussion, it is confirmed that the charsets in java.base 
will not be impacted irrespective the IBM charsets are moved to a new 
location or removed from openjdk. Hence, I believe we can proceed with 
this new charset as it requires to be in the java.base for AIX platform.

Ichiroh has already reviewed and the tested the changes. Kindly request 
you to open a bug and review the changeset. Please let me know if you have 
any questions.

> The webrev of the fix is available at

Thank you,
Nasser Ebrahim

PS: Thank you Ichiroh for the testing and review.

From:   Ichiroh Takiguchi <takiguc at>
To:     Nasser Ebrahim/India/IBM at IBMIN
Cc:     core-libs-dev at
Date:   06/15/2018 12:59 PM
Subject:        Re: Add  x-IBM-1129 charset


I tested IBM-1129 charset on AIX platform.
It worked fine for default encoding,
$ LANG=Vi_VN ~/jdk/bin/java PrintDefaultCharset
Vi_VN   x-IBM1129       IBM-1129        IBM-1129

And also code table is fine.

We would appreciate to open a bug/RFE for this change request.

Ichiroh Takiguchi
IBM Japan, Ltd.

On 2018-05-30 10:41, Nasser Ebrahim wrote:
> Hello,
> I just realized that I missed to provide the details of the test I have
> conducted for the new charset IBM-1129. Please note that I have done 
> the
> following jtreg tests to make sure the new charset is working properly.
> sun.nio.cs.TestCharsetMapping
> java.nio.charset.Charset.RegisteredCharsets
> sun.nio.cs.CheckHistoricalNamesTest
> java.nio.charset.RemovingSunIO.SunioAlias
> Please let me know if I have to run any additional tests.
> Am aware of the suggestion from Alan and Thomas in the mail thread
> to move the IBM platform specific charsets to a separate module instead 
> of
> adding to jdk.charsets.  We will open another thread to discuss that 
> topic
> as we would like to contribute many more extended charsets. However, I
> believe we can still consider integrating this charset without waiting 
> for
> the conclusion of that discussion as this charset is part of default
> charset for AIX and needs to be part of the java.base. If we decided to
> move the IBM charsets out of jdk.charsets, we can move this charsets as
> well for non-AIX platforms.
> Kindly request you to open a bug/RFE for this change request, review 
> the
> fix and provide your feedback.
> Thank you,
> Nasser Ebrahim
> From:   Nasser Ebrahim/India/IBM
> To:     core-libs-dev at
> Date:   05/19/2018 12:51 PM
> Subject:        Add  x-IBM-1129 charset
> Hello,
> With the following three bugs, all the default locale charsets except 
> two
> (Vi_VN.IBM-1129 & ja_JP.IBM-eucJP) are fixed for AIX platform.
> - JDK-8201540: [AIX] Extend the set of supported charsets in java.base
> - JDK-8202329: Codepage mappings for IBM-943 and Big5 (aix)
> -
> : [AIX] Add charset IBM-964 (default charset for zh_TW.IBM-eucTW) to 
> stdcs
> [bug not yet opened].
> For those fixed charsets, the charsets were existing in the extended
> charsets (jdk.charsets) and they were not working with default locale
> charset as it did not exist in the standard charset (java.base). The
> charsets correspond to the two pending locale (Vi_VN.IBM-1129 &
> ja_JP.IBM-eucJP) does not exist in the jdk. They need to be added to 
> the
> extended charsets before adding to stdcs on AIX platform.
> Here, am including the patch to fix  the charset IBM-1129 for the 
> locale
> Vi_VN.IBM-1129. We are working on the other missing charset (for
> ja_JP.IBM-eucJP) which will be contributed in some time.
> The webrev of the fix is available at
> Kindly request you to open a bug and review the fix. Please let me know 
> if
> you have any questions.
> Thank you,
> Nasser Ebrahim

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