<i18n dev> [15] RFR: 8227313: Support monetary grouping separator in DecimalFormat/DecimalFormatSymbols

Joe Wang huizhe.wang at oracle.com
Tue Dec 24 01:20:41 UTC 2019

Hi Naoto,

Is there a need for an APINote to note the relationship between the new 
get/setMonetaryGroupingSeparator and get/setGroupingSeparator methods. 
The new method did state it "May be different from {@code grouping 
separator} in some locales", but that may be insufficient. For example, 
does setting one method affects the other (seems it should since the 
monetaryGroupingSeparator may be initialized by the groupingSeparator as 
the impl shows)? If yes, how it's affected?

If no, is there a compatibility concern? In the current impl, the new 
get method is used when "isCurrencyFormat" is true while the new set 
method doesn't affect the existing 'groupingSeparator'. For existing 
applications that have a custom grouping separator set through 
setGroupingSeparator, it seems to me the custom separator won't be used 
moving onto the new JDK impl.

A minor comment about the definition statement in the following:

     Add the following new serializable field 

|/** * The grouping separator used when formatting currency values. * * 
@serial * @since 15 */ private char monetaryGroupingSeparator;|

and that for the new get method:
         Gets the character used for thousands separator for currencies.

While the meanings are clear, they were not as consistent as that 
between the existing groupingSeparator and its get method, that is:
         Character used for thousands separator.

    and then the get method states:

         Gets the character used for thousands separator.

But this is minor, your call whether to change it or not.

Best,  and have a great Christmas! :-)

On 12/20/19 12:57 PM, naoto.sato at oracle.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Please review the fix for the following issue:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8227313
> The proposed CSR and changeset are located at:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8235942
> https://cr.openjdk.java.net/~naoto/8227313/webrev.00/
> The change introduces the new monetary grouping separator in 
> DecimalFormatSymbols, and it is used if a DecimalFormat instance 
> designates currency formatting where its pattern includes the currency 
> symbol (U+00A5). The change makes use of the CLDR data which provides 
> two distinct grouping separators (one for generic, the other for 
> currency) in some locales. It also addresses the similar cases for the 
> decimal separator.
> Naoto

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