RFR 15 8225319: Remove the RMI static stub compiler rmic

Roger Riggs roger.riggs at oracle.com
Fri Apr 3 15:43:12 UTC 2020

Please review the CSR[1] and changes to remove the RMI static stub 
compiler (rmic).
RMIC was deprecated for removal in JDK 13 [3].

The components modified are:
  - remove the jdk.rmic module
  - remove the jdk.rmic man page
  - remove all tests of rmic or relying on rmic
  - update or remove makefiles to remove references and dependencies on rmic
  - update source files in java.rmi module to remove extraneous 
references to rmic


Thanks, Roger

[1] CSR:

[2] Issue:

[3] Deprecate rmic for removal

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