RFR: 6957241: ClassLoader.getResources() returns only 1 instance when using jar indexing

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Sun Sep 5 08:23:35 UTC 2021

On 04/09/2021 12:12, Lance Andersen wrote:
> Perhaps the jar validate option could/should be updated to flag when 
> an index is there?
> We could add a warning for JDK 18 when main::genIndex is invoked as I 
> assume we would want to at least wait until JDK19 to remove this 
> functionality?
I'm not sure about jar --validate complaining if META-INF/INDEX.LIST is 
present. It may be useful if it were to check that the index is correct 
but it would need the entries listed in the Class-Path attribute to be 

I don't think we really need to do anything to the jar tool in the short 
term, except just to move JarIndex to the jdk.jartool module. I think 
the more important part is removing the JAR index support from the 
runtime. I don't expect any issues with the URLClassLoader 
implementation but it is possible that something comes out of the wood 
work with signed JARs (JarVerifier).


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