Unused HashMap's in ThaiBuddhistChronology

Naoto Sato naoto.sato at oracle.com
Wed Sep 22 16:13:40 UTC 2021

I would think these are some left-overs from the 310 project, as I see 
the same fields in 310's Hijrah chronology. These should be cleaned up.


BTW, it would be moot once they are gone, but I found a typo:

        ERA_FULL_NAMES.put(FALLBACK_LANGUAGE, new String[]{"Before 
Buddhist", "Budhhist Era"});

"Budhhist" -> "Buddhist"


On 9/21/21 2:30 PM, Roger Riggs wrote:
> Indeed, they seem unused...
> Stephen, do you recall their original use?
> Thanks, Roger
> On 9/21/21 5:09 PM, Andrey Turbanov wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Today I discovered 3 static HashMap's in ThaiBuddhistChronology class:
>> static initializer put some values into them. But their content seems
>> unused after that.
>> Do I miss something and they are used somewhere?
>> Andrey Turbanov

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