IRC chat about the OpenJDK TCK @ 15h UTC

Tom Marble Tom.Marble at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 9 20:40:55 UTC 2007

Alexander Schunk wrote:
> what do i need to provide for as url when using the stand alone
> jIRCII client?
It used to be that `butane had a nice cgi script that would allow
one to construct such a URL to launch Java Web Start.  Alas, apparently
the website had somewhat of a crash:

I considered, on one point, hosting that script, but opted instead
for the JNLP it created:

Of course there are many, many other IRC clients to choose from.

> From a Users point of view i also appreciate it becuase i know that
> software that is contributed to the JDK does match the standards used by
> SUN and no other standards that might be out there.

Recall that the standard is set by the Java Community Process, which
includes many other voices than just Sun.



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