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2017-04-24 17:00 GMT+02:00 Karthik Ganesan <karthik.ganesan at>:

I still have an old PS3 with Linux, I'm looking forward to try that out :)

I think the project idea is interesting, I personally would not mind
if it duplicated some efforts from the existing libraries, as long as
the goal is to have a generic framework within the JDK. The challenge
is that such framework should work even if no specialised hardware is

Is "Trinity" going to be something akin the various providers based
subsystems (like the Sound, the Filesystem, JavaScript, etc...), with
multiple possible backends, maybe using one the already mentioned

I personally think that there is benefit in overcoming the inherent
verbosity (and complexity) of APIs like CUDA or OpenCL (or Metal), but
those framework are verbose for a reason (flexibility). Just wrapping
them around (with little added extras) doesn't really add out much,
and in fact, it just makes things look even more alien (I think about
Jogl for example, does the job perfectly but it really looks like C
wrapped in Java). If we go the extra length to make a project it
should really be a nice, modern, well thought Java API.

To that extent, do you already have some code? It would be very nice
if we can look at something (including design and architecture
documents) before getting a huge patch bomb hitting the repos a week
after the project is approved.

I'll still likely vote for that, I'm intrigued.

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