CFV: Project Trinity

Karthik Ganesan karthik.ganesan at
Mon Apr 24 18:32:23 UTC 2017

Hi Mario, please see comments inline.
On 4/24/2017 11:35 AM, Mario Torre wrote:
> I still have an old PS3 with Linux, I'm looking forward to try that 
> out :)
> I think the project idea is interesting, I personally would not mind
> if it duplicated some efforts from the existing libraries, as long as
> the goal is to have a generic framework within the JDK. The challenge
> is that such framework should work even if no specialised hardware is
> available.
Our goals is also to ensure that such a framework will work even if no 
specialized hardware is available.
> Is "Trinity" going to be something akin the various providers based
> subsystems (like the Sound, the Filesystem, JavaScript, etc...), with
> multiple possible backends, maybe using one the already mentioned
> projects?
Yes, and I think that is a reasonable analogy.
> To that extent, do you already have some code? It would be very nice
> if we can look at something (including design and architecture
> documents) before getting a huge patch bomb hitting the repos a week
> after the project is approved.
Though we have done multiple prototypes trying to change the existing 
Streams library to open up to accelerators and extend to cover a wider 
range of analytic operations, most of the useful information we bring to 
this project is our learning about the challenges involved than a code 
patch bomb. :-)
> I'll still likely vote for that, I'm intrigued.
Appreciate that.

> Cheers,
> Mario

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