Call for Discussion : New Project to support the Wayland display server on Linux

Mario Torre neugens at
Thu Jul 8 17:32:48 UTC 2021

On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 7:14 PM Philip Race <philip.race at> wrote:
> And I think the first phase of the project needs to be an investigation
> of the alternatives
> and consideration of how well it matches all the requirements.
> I would not want to see a "code first, figure it out later" approach.
> Significant documentation and justification of the options and reasons
> for choices is required.
> Even with the much simpler "Metal" pipeline for macOS we had to spend
> time deciding if
> we'd use MetalKit or the lower level Metal APIs and the latter is what
> we found we needed.
> Very often it seems if you are writing a platform you end up needing to
> go for the lower level
> Not saying that's where we'll end up here, but it all needs to be
> thought through and written down
> It seems a wayland compositor needs to work on "non-desktop" machines.
> Think all those millions of rack mounted boxes with minimal graphics
> sitting in data centres.
> So it can't be fully "accelerated graphics or nothing"
> 2D has s/w loops for everything already so can work in that world and it may
> be that a GTK port can end up doing *most* things we need but it has to
> do *all* the things we need
> Options to investigate include (at least) :
> - GTK
> - EGL
> - Vulkan
> -Software rendering
> and then we have to see how the rendering side of it (2D) fits with the
> AWT part.



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