IcedTea6 build failed for b41a73ca64e6 (--enable-nss)

Mark Wielaard mark at
Thu Aug 16 13:05:07 PDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-08-16 at 07:02 -0400, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> > Do you know what the intention is, which file should be called what
> > and be under which directory?
> Something about your build is borked.

Could you try to minimize the usage of "your". For some reason it irks
me seeing that usage when I merrily point out that one of the standard
autobuilders is failing. The autobuilders are there precisely because
nobody can test all the arches, setups and configuration options we
support. It is "our" build that is borked.

> It looks like your build has always been broken, but has only now come to light due to recent changes.
> Nothing new has been added.  The patching of has merely been moved from before the build
> to afterwards, so that the build itself doesn't have an PKCS11 provider configured with a missing
> configuration file.

Aha. Now I understand. That assumes that there is a full build already
in place. That isn't always the case when we build zero additionally.
Then we "fake" a whole build and do a recursive make. See the
add-zero.stamp target:

    : # create directories which are expected by icedtea components,
    : # implicitly assumed to be created by the jdk build.

Which creates just enough to make everything else just work, but doesn't
bother to also add fake files.

The following fixes it:

2012-08-16  Mark Wielaard  <mark at>

        * (stamps/add-nss.stamp): Only try patching the
        security files if they actually exist.

diff -b (full commit attached, but without -b it looks pretty

diff -r b41a73ca64e6
--- a/	Thu Aug 16 01:51:50 2012 +0100
+++ b/	Thu Aug 16 17:52:07 2012 +0200
@@ -1611,12 +1611,13 @@
 	rm -f stamps/add-pulseaudio-debug.stamp
 stamps/add-nss.stamp: stamps/icedtea.stamp
+	if [ -d $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/j2sdk-image/jre/lib/security ] ; then \
 	cp -v $(abs_top_builddir)/nss.cfg \
-	  $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/j2sdk-image/jre/lib/security
+	    $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/j2sdk-image/jre/lib/security; \
 	cp -v $(abs_top_builddir)/nss.cfg \
-	  $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/j2re-image/lib/security
-	rm -f stamps/add-nss.stamp.tmp
-	touch stamps/add-nss.stamp.tmp
+	    $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/j2re-image/lib/security; \
+	  rm -f stamps/add-nss.stamp.tmp; \
+	  touch stamps/add-nss.stamp.tmp; \
 	all_patches_ok=yes; \
 	for dir in $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/{j2sdk-image/jre,j2re-image} ; \
 	do \
@@ -1648,6 +1649,9 @@
 	  echo ERROR patch $${all_patches_ok} FAILED! ; \
 	  echo WARNING make clean-add-nss before retrying a fix ; \
 	  exit 2; \
+	  fi \
+	else \
+	  echo "NO $(BUILD_OUTPUT_DIR)/j2sdk-image/jre/lib/security dir"; \

At first I tried to add more to the "fake" environment under the
add-zero target. But that quickly became messy and it seems better to
teach add-nss that if there is no lib/security to begin with then there
is no need to patch the non-existent files under it.


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