sdt patches split up for 6 and 7

Mark Wielaard mjw at
Thu Aug 16 14:32:17 PDT 2012

On Wed, 2012-08-15 at 17:10 +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> After months of discussion I don't see any progress on moving these into
> openjdk/hotspot directly. Even though everybody seems to agree the
> patches themselves are fine. Oracle processes seem to prevent getting
> this integrated. You can find the discussion threads here:
> Just in case they do someday get integrated I have split up the patch
> and the new testcase precisely as proposed and discussed. Attached are
> patched for both icedtea6 and icedtea7. No functionality has changed.
> The new test passes with make check-hotspot and all make tapset tests
> still PASS.
> Let me know if I should hold off checking these in till after the
> upcoming release. I think they are fairly safe though.

I assume this is fine for 6, since there is no release pending. I didn't
see a release branch for the icedtea7 tree yet (I assume that would be
called release/icedtea7-2.3), so I am waiting for that to be created to
check this in (only on trunk, it isn't very important to get into a
release soon, it is mainly cleanup, no functional changes except for the
addition of an extra testcase).

On irc Andrew Hughes suggested that for 7 (and 8?) I could also add the
patches directly to the icedtea-forest/hotspot and separate commits.
I'll like to do that after they get committed into the tree, since I
know it works there and I am not too familiar with the forests. So it
would be good to catch any mistakes in the transfer. How does one build
the tree against the tip/you own branch of the forest?



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