[rfc][icedtea-web] dialogue for set jre dir

Adam Domurad adomurad at redhat.com
Thu Apr 11 13:08:21 PDT 2013

> rather resend if you can recheck...I will pusl later evening today

Wooops, sorry for delayed review.

> Thanx for review
> J.

> +        if (r.intValue() != 0) {
> +            validationResult += "<span color=\"red\">" + 
> Translator.R("CPJVMnoSuccess") + "</span>";
> +            if (latestOne != JvmValidationResult.STATE.NOT_DIR) {
> +                latestOne = JvmValidationResult.STATE.NOT_VALID_JDK;
> +            }
> +            return new JvmValidationResult(validationResult, latestOne);
> +        }
> +        if (processErrorStream.contains("openjdk") || 
> processStdOutStream.contains("openjdk")) {
> +            validationResult += "<span color=\"#00EE00\">" + 
> Translator.R("CPJVMopenJdkFound") + "</span>";

[nit] I'd like a color="green". This green hurts the eyes.
> diff -r fbb6b3605538 
> netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/resources/Messages.properties
> --- a/netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/resources/Messages.properties  Thu Apr 
> 04 11:21:04 2013 +0200
> +++ b/netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/resources/Messages.properties  Mon Apr 
> 08 11:20:04 2013 +0200
> @@ -310,6 +310,29 @@
>  CPDebuggingDescription=Enable options here to help with debugging
>  CPDesktopIntegrationDeSet JVMscription=Set whether or not to allow 
> creation of desktop shortcut.
>  CPJVMPluginArguments= arguments for plugin.
> +CPJVMitwExec=Set JVM for icedtea-web - working best with OpenJDK
> +CPJVMitwExecValidation=Validate JVM for icedtea-web
> +CPJVMPluginSelectExec=Select JVM for icedtea-web
> +CPJVMnone=No validation result for
> +CPJVMvalidated=Validation result for
> +CPJVMvalueNotSet=Value is not set. Hardcoded JVM will be used.
> +CPJVMnotLaunched=Error, process was not launched, see console output 
> for more info.
> +CPJVMnoSuccess=Error, process have not ended successfully, see output 
> for details, but your java is not set correctly.
> +CPJVMopenJdkFound=Excellent, OpenJDK detected
> +CPJVMoracleFound=Great, Oracle java detected
> +CPJVMibmFound=Good, IBM java detected
> +CPJVMgijFound=Warning, gij detected
> +CPJVMstrangeProcess=Your path had an executable process, but it was 
> not recognized. Verify the Java version in the console output.
> +CPJVMnotDir=Error, The path you chose is not a directory.
> +CPJVMisDir=Ok, the path you chose is a directory.
> +CPJVMnoJava=Error, the directory you chose does not contain bin/java.
> +CPJVMjava=Ok, the directory you chose contains bin/java.
> +CPJVMnoRtJar=Error, the directory you chose does not contain lib/rt.jar
> +CPJVMrtJar=Ok, the directory you chose contains lib/rt.jar.
> +CPJVMPluginAllowTTValidation=Allow type-time validation
> +CPJVMNotokMessage1=You have entered invalid JDK value <u>({0})</u> 
> with following error message:
> +CPJVMNotokMessage2=You can see this message because of<blockquote> * 
> Some validation have not passed<br> * Non-OpenJDK is 
> detected</blockquote>With invalid JDK IcedTea-Web will probably not 
> able to start.<br>You will have to modify or remove <u>{0}</u> 
> property in your configuration file <u>{1}</u>. <br>You should try to 
> search for OpenJDK in your system or be sure you know what you are doing.

[nit] You can see this message because of -> You might be seeing this 
message because:

Although I'd prefer just a different message for when OpenJDK isn't 
located but everything else is OK.

[nit] s/Some validation have not passed/Some validation has not been 
[nit] IcedTea-Web will probably not s/able/be able/ to start

In this dialogue, No/Cancel still do the same thing. I'd prefer two 
buttons or possibly No reverting to default (eg blank).

Otherwise code looks good.

Everything looks to be working, great work. Even javaws with Oracle java 
Please push after any cosmetic changes you see fit.

Happy hacking,

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