IcedTea bootstrap and OpenJDK build broken with ecj-3.8/4.2

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Apr 15 08:56:10 PDT 2013

Am 15.04.2013 17:53, schrieb Jon VanAlten:
>> I don't see what Fedora's ecj packages have to do with IcedTea at all.
>> IcedTea's bootstrap works fine both for me and our autobuilders.  Stop trying
>> to use
>> something that isn't yet supported and it'll work fine for you too.
>> We can look at a newer ecj in the 2.5 timeframe.
> As I've been doing most of the packaging of ecj in Fedora of late,
> I must double-check my understanding of something: this issue, do
> you believe it to be caused by some fedora-specific patch?  My
> assumption so far is that this bootstrapping issue is from changes
> to ecj upstream.  If this is correct, I might suggest for clarity
> on this list to stop referring to "fedora's ecj" and instead refer
> to the upstream ecj version that introduces the issue.  If this is
> not correct, I would be very interested in any feedback about what
> patch is guilty.

no, upstream.  so maybe better write "the upstream version as found or used in
this repository".

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