Reviewer needed: three new JTreg ComponentOrientation-related tests for IcedTea6 HEAD

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Mon Apr 29 07:38:59 PDT 2013

Hi everyone,

I'd like to add three new JTreg tests into IcedTea6 HEAD. These tests
check the basic behavior of ComponentOrientation subsystem (this is part
of IT which is AFAIK not thoroughly tested ATM and new patches/backports
could break this part w/o alerts).

FYI: I'm also going to ask for inclusion of these three test into
OpenJDK8 HEAD and then backporting them into OpenJDK7 too.

ChangeLog entry:

2013-04-29  Pavel Tisnovsky  <ptisnovs at>

	(ICEDTEA_PATCHES): Added new patch.
	* patches/componentOrientationTests.patch:
	Three JTreg tests for checking ComponentOrientation subsystem behaviour.

Can anybody please review this change?

Thank you in advance,
Pavel Tisnovsky
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