IcedTea-Sound 24 bit support?

Alex Wiggins alex.d.wiggins at
Mon Apr 6 16:11:35 UTC 2015

Hi all - I just installed IcedTea-Sound to have native Pulse mixer support
with Java (instead of via the PulseAudio ALSA plugin - alsa-plugins/pulse),
so apologies if I'm missing something obvious.

Specifically, I'm trying play audio which is 24 bit (and 96 kHz) but I get
an "invalid format" error when trying to open the SourceDataLine:
Exception in thread "Thread-7" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid
I do not get the error for 16 bit (and 44.1 kHz) audio.

I see in "" there is no mention of "int sampleSize =
24" in the "getSupportedFormats" routine. Does this mean that 24 bit audio
has to be padded out to 32 bit before using IcedTea-Sound? This is not the
case with the native ALSA mixer provider.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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