ARM32 JIT trees for OpenJDK 8

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at
Wed Apr 22 14:38:39 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I've introduced HotSpot trees onto the IcedTea server which add
the ARM32 JIT, taken from IcedTea 2.x, on top of OpenJDK 8's
HotSpot: (8u/future u60, updated to hs25.60-b12) (8u40, updated to u45b14)

(thanks to Mark Wielaard for moving them to /hg)

These will be used as the upstream for pulling the JIT into
the IcedTea 3.x HotSpot trees.

At present, I've just added the changeset history from IcedTea 2.x,
so they may not even build when combined with changes in OpenJDK 8.
Testing and changes are welcome as usual, but let's make sure this
stays in sync with the version in IcedTea 2.x where possible.

Andrew :)

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