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--- Comment #7 from JiriVanek <jvanek at redhat.com> ---

I need to fix few statement sin this thread.
 -  adding Deepak, as this have something to do with not-upstream launcher used
in redhat MSIs
 - ITW is not taking proxy from default browser. it is indeed, as Axel noted -
taking only Firefox's proxy setings. Not nice. But there was not different
browser for linux for ages.
 - itweb settings (or controlpanel)  have indeed to select proxy - none,
firefox, custom. For you, the custom one or none should be a solution. If it is
on none, and still takes FF proxy, then it is bug.
 - unluckily, in MSIs from RH are not-upstreamd custom binary launchers which
Alex included against all of us, with (probablyu corrrect) asusmption that .bat
 files cant be integrated in windows correctly. This actually evoked the the
creation of native launchers for upstream ITW 1.8. 
 - If you are unable to locate itwebsettings or controlpanel, in those MSIs,
please, create https://bugzilla.redhat.com/. In meantime, cna you try upstream
ITW? It should allow you to configure proxy, and any config it creates, should
be directly usable by ITW from MSIs you wish to use.

Sorry for confussion

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