[Bug 3674] Unable to launch applet with a error Entry-Point manifest attribute for yours 'exc.fe.FeLaunch'not found

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Thu Feb 14 14:34:41 UTC 2019


--- Comment #33 from Radhadatta <radmahap at in.ibm.com> ---
(In reply to JiriVanek from comment #32)
> https://jvanek.fedorapeople.org/icedtea-web-1.8pre.linux.bin.zip
> here you go. No warranties! Not sure what works! it bleaeding edge!
> However it is being build against mslinsks... sho shoudl work.
> s part of your education, please find the emails on distro-pkg-dev and
> commits as an exercise.

can you pls point the emails on distro-pkg-dev email s. didn't find the mail
you are refering

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