IcedTeaWeb Started application apparently tries to download classpath resources from server

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Wed Feb 20 15:24:19 UTC 2019

Yes. Codebase is where your code is laying, and thus where ITW is searching for it.

On 2/20/19 2:12 PM, Christian Svedin wrote:
> I have an application that is started using webstart. After the application has started I get
> logging on my server that says that something is trying to load resources that doesn't exist.
> To me it looks like my webstarted application is trying to load classes/resources from the url that
> is codebase in my jnlp.
> For example, it seems like getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("/missing/resource") tries to
> load from http://my.application/webstart/missing/resource if my codebase is
> http://my.application/webstart

Where else would you like it to look?

If you expect it to load from jars, then you are right, and that is first place it should look.
> Does the classloader i get from icedtea-web behave the way I think? Is this how it's supposed to
> work? ��
> If this is how it's supposed to work, doesn't this have quite big performance implications?
> / Christian

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