[Bug 3703] Unable to launch the application with the JNLP file of the app

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--- Comment #8 from K. Nagarajan <nagarajan.krishnamurthy at nttdata.com> ---
@JiriVanek - requesting for some source level help. Since the server is not set
up for SSL, I didn't see any rationale in changing java.security properties on
the client machine. So, I wanted to figure out why ITW is opening SSL
connection (https protocol) whereas the codebase URL has 'http' as the

Going through the ITW code and following the verbose log output, I found that
the method findBestURL() in ResourceDownloader.java is coming up with all
possible URLs, including ones with https and it's actually returning a URL for
a given resource (.g jar file) with https protocol. that's why it's attempting
to open an SSL connection with the server. I went through the source code of
findBestURL() but couldn't figure out why it's returning a URL with https as
the protocol as the best one. Can you please clarify and let me know how I can
ensure that the best URL is what's given in the JNLP file? thanks.

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