Crash when using a built JVM

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Mon May 7 17:54:48 PDT 2012

Hi Azeem,

Did you build the HotSpot VM only, and put it in a Oracle JDK7u4 installation?

This kind of mix-and-match used to work without problems (mostly), but in JDK7u4 there are new proprietary features in Oracle JDK (e.g. Java Flight Recorder) that's not part of OpenJDK. You're getting a segfault caused by null pointer in JFR-related code.

You should probably build the entire JDK and use that, instead of mixing it with Oracle JDK on 7u4.

P.S. This discussion may be better suited on hotspot-dev, since it's not a compiler problem. Cc'ing.

- Kris

On 2012-5-8, at 3:32, Azeem Jiva <azeem.jiva at> wrote:

> I'm trying to run WLS with a JVM that I built pulled from the openjdk repository.   I've made no changes, just pulled the recent source, and I get the crash (attached).  Looks like some mismatch between the JRockit library and HotSpot?  Ideas?
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> Azeem Jiva
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