RFR (L): 8003868: fix shark for latest HotSpot and LLVM [Was: Re: RFR: Fix shark for latest Hotspot and LLVM]

Christian Thalinger christian.thalinger at oracle.com
Wed Nov 21 11:43:40 PST 2012

On Nov 21, 2012, at 9:31 AM, Roman Kennke <rkennke at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> during the last days I worked on fixing the Shark compiler for Hotspot
> to get it to build and run again, with the latest Hotspot code and LLVM.
> Here are some details:
> - A lot of changes are just to make it build and the compiler happy. For
> example, I had to remove a lot of 'const' qualifiers because of API
> changes in LLVM.
> - Most other changes have to do with the split of the oop and metadata
> class hierarchies in Hotspot.
> - Then there have been a few changes caused by LLVM changes and
> improvements, most notably the LLVM intrinsics for atomic operations
> (memory barrier and cmpxchg) have been removed and now have a
> representation directly in LLVM's IR. This makes our code a little
> nicer.
> I tested this by running a number of applications, most notably Eclipse
> (which is notoriously difficult on VMs), Java2Demo, SwingSet2 and a
> bunch of other stuff.
> I would like to get this integrated into OpenJDK now if possible. You
> can find the full webrev here:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rkennke/shark/webrev.00/

The changes seem to touch almost only shark files so these should be fine.  One question though:

+  develop(bool, SharkShowCompiledMethods, false,                              \

Isn't PrintCompilation doing that already?

The shared code changes look good.  I filed:

8003868: fix shark for latest HotSpot and LLVM

-- Chris

> There are also a very minor change required in JDK:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rkennke/shark/webrev-jdk-00/
> In order to build it, apply the patches on hsx/hotspot-comp 's hotspot
> and jdk repositories respectivly. Find my build script here:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rkennke/shark/Build8-zero-shark
> (Review and adjust variables to your settings, most notably you will
> need to change LLVM_CONFIG to point to your LLVM 3.1 installation.)
> Please let me know if there are any issues or how we can get this
> integrated into Hotspot.
> Best regards,
> Roman

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