RFR(L): JDK-8057777 Cleanup of old and unused VM interfaces

Frederic Parain frederic.parain at oracle.com
Tue Sep 30 14:40:40 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Please review changes for bug JDK-8057777 "Cleanup of old
and unused VM interfaces"


This is basically a big cleanup of VM interfaces that are
not used anymore by the JDK but have been kept in our code
base for historical reasons (HotSpot Express for instance).
These changesets remove these interfaces from both the
JDK and the HotSpot side, and also perform some cleanup
on code that directly referenced the removed interfaces.

These changes do not modify the behavior of the Java
classes impacted by the cleanup.

VM interfaces removal has been approved by CCC and
a Release Note has been prepared that explicitly list
all the removed interfaces.

Testing: JPRT hotspot + core, vm.quick.testlist, jdk_core


Thank you,


Frederic Parain - Oracle
Grenoble Engineering Center - France
Phone: +33 4 76 18 81 17
Email: Frederic.Parain at oracle.com

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