[9] RFR(XL) 8166417: Integrate Graal-core into JDK for AOT compiler

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Wed Dec 7 22:10:15 UTC 2016


It is part of JEP 295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation


This is formal review request for integration Graal-core sources into 
OpenJDK. AOT compiler uses Graal-core as backend compiler. We need to 
integrated Graal-core sources into JDK and add build changes to build 
Graal module.

Note, changes are based on latest jdk9/hs sources which do not have 
latest jigsaw update yet. With jigsaw update small changes will be done 
to module-info.java.extra in java.base:

   exports jdk.internal.misc to jdk.vm.compiler;
+ opens jdk.internal.misc to jdk.vm.compiler;

- exports com.sun.crypto.provider to jdk.vm.compiler;
+ opens com.sun.crypto.provider to jdk.vm.compiler;

And changes in top make/GensrcModuleInfo.gmk will not be needed.

Graal is a dynamic compiler written in Java that integrates with the 
HotSpot JVM. It has a focus on high performance and extensibility. In 
addition, it provides optimized performance for Truffle based languages 
running on the JVM.


Oracle Labs is developing and maintaining it.

Here are people who contributed into Graal development (sorry if someone 
is missing or misspelled, please speak):

~70k LOC: Douglas Simon
~60k LOC: Lukas Stadler
~30k LOC: Thomas Wuerthinger
~30k LOC: Tom Rodriguez
~30k LOC: Roland Schatz
~30k LOC: Josef Eisl
~30k LOC: Christian Wimmer
~16k LOC: Chris Thalinger
~13k LOC: Gilles Duboscq
~11k LOC: David Leopoldseder
~ 8k LOC: Stefan Anzinger
~ 8k LOC: Christian Humer

Other contributors >100 LOC in approximate order of contribution size:
Michael Berg, Bernhard Urban, Miguel Garcia, Yudi Zheng, Christos 
Kotselidis, Andreas Woess, Stefan Rumzucker, Aleksandar Prokopec, 
Christian Haeubl, Morris Meyer, Matthias Grimmer, Erik Eckstein, Josef 
Haider, Manuel Rigger, Michael Haupt, Niclas Adlertz, Jaroslav Tulach, 
Chris Seaton, Peter B. Kessler, Christian Wirth, Benoit Daloze.


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