broken on macosx?

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Thu Jan 21 10:37:36 UTC 2016


It seems that is broken on macosx. The script lists all 
from *.o using nm, and filters them using this awk expression:
'{ if ($3 ~ /^_ZTV/ || $3 ~ /^gHotSpotVM/) print "\t" $3 }'

However, the typical output from nm on macosx looks like this:

That is, only a single column, and two leading underscore. The awk 
expression will fail to match anything, and an empty vm.def will be 

If I modify the script to:
'{ if ($1 ~ /^__ZTV/ || $1 ~ /^_gHotSpotVM/) print "\t" $1 }'
then it will match and print these symbols.

The script has not been modified since 2013, so if this 
ever worked, then most likely the nm output has changed in Xcode at some 

My main concern here is the new hotspot build. Does this mean that the 
vm.def fills no purpose on the macosx build, and that the whole process 
of running nm on all object files can be skipped? Or is this a bug that 
has not been discovered? If so, it should be fixed in the old build.


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