[10] RFC: Relaxing access restrictions for VM annotations

Vladimir Ivanov vladimir.x.ivanov at oracle.com
Tue Feb 21 14:36:26 UTC 2017

FYI I've been experimenting with relaxing restrictions on VM annotations 
- Java annotations which affect how VM work - @ReservedStackAccess, 
@Contended, @Stable, etc (most of them are located in 
jdk.internal.vm.annotation in 9).

Right now, VM ignores any annotation unless it is declared on a class 
from privileged context (JDK classes or VM anonymous classes).

Some features introduced adhoc flags to relax the restriction (e.g., 
-XX:RestrictContended & -XX:RestrictReservedStack), but with modules 
there's a universal way to expose them in controlled manner: rely on 
annotation class accessibility checks. In order to make some annotation 
available in non-privileged context, it is enough to add relevant export 
to java.base module (e.g., --add-exports 

The problem I faced was that accessibility checks are performed on 
already loaded classes, but annotations are used during class parsing 
and the checks have to be performed against the class being loaded.

One option is to re-implement accessibility checking logic and extract 
all necessary information from ClassFileParser.

Another approach is to collect VM annotations during parsing and after 
the class is loaded apply them one-by-one doing accessibility checks. It 
works fine for most of the existing annotations, but problematic for 
@Contended - it affects instance layout which is computed during parsing.

So, after some experiments, I decided to try different approach: 
optimistically assume all annotations are accessible and re-parse the 
class if any used annotation is not available:


The benefit is that parsing & accessibility checking logic stay the 
same. Also, it enabled sanity checking logic for annotation usages 
almost for free.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the result, but stumbled upon some 
nuisance when implementing re-parsing (e.g., tracing framework needs 
access to ClassFileParser and it brings unnecessary changes into 

Before investing into polishing the change, I'd like to discuss the 
approach I chose.

Any problems with class file re-parsing or annotation resolution in VM I 

Maybe there are strong arguments for other options (#1: accessibity 
checks in ClassFileParser & #2: apply annotations after the class is 


Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

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