JEP 328 : Flight Recorder open source preview

Markus Gronlund markus.gronlund at
Sat Apr 7 10:28:53 UTC 2018



This is a preview of a large part of the source code for JEP 328 : Flight Recorder[1].




It has been tested on the following platforms:

* Linux-x64

* Windows-x64

* MacOSX-x64


We are planning to send out the code for full review in a couple of weeks.


At this point, we are preparing changes to move to a single backend, as suggested in the JEP.

These will encompass the following:



2. Remove flag -XX:[+|-]EnableTracing.

3. Cleanup unused elements and attributes by restructuring the trace xml files.

4. Move code under hotspot/share/trace to hotspot/share/jfr/metadata.


Thank you

Markus and Erik




PS the patch was generated from the hs repository [2] using change [3] as parent.


[3] changeset:   49618:947560700a09

      user:        stefank

      date:        Fri Apr 06 13:55:25 2018 +0200

      summary:     8201136: Move GC flags from globals.hpp to GC specific files

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