RFR(M): 8203824: Chain exception from initialization in later NoClassDefFoundErrors.

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Fri Jun 1 16:02:03 UTC 2018


If static initialization of a class fails, an ExceptionInInitializerError
is thrown. Later accesses to this class will fail, too. They report
a NoClassDefFoundError. This is misleading, as the class has been 
found in first place but the initialization failed. 

To give more context, retain the previous ExceptionInInitializerError
and chain it into the NoClassDefFoundError:

I added a field to java/lang/Class to retain the exception.
This is the design we followed in SAP JVM. I am not sure whether
the additional memory consumption of Class is acceptable, or whether
a hash map holding the exceptions internally would be a better

I also left out code that transforms the Throwable::backtrace in the retained 
ExceptionInInitializerError and it's recursively chained exceptions into  
Throwable::stackTrace and limits the recursively chained exceptions.  
If this change is appreciated, I'll add that in a later change.

I found a test for NoClassDefFoundError messages and extended that.
I moved the existing test into the canonical location under /exceptionMsgs/

Best regards,

Failing class initialization throws a ExceptionInInitializerError.
Later accesses to this class throw a NoClassDefFoundErrors 
hiding the original cause.

This change adds code to chain the initial EIIE in the NCDFE.

The initial EIIE is stored in the Class that failed to initialize. 
I thought 

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