[jdk17] RFR: 8268768: idea.sh has been updated in surprising and incompatible ways

Erik Joelsson erikj at openjdk.java.net
Tue Jun 15 20:35:10 UTC 2021

On Tue, 15 Jun 2021 16:10:01 GMT, Maurizio Cimadamore <mcimadamore at openjdk.org> wrote:

> As the title says (please also refer to the JBS issue which describes all the issues in more details), the IDE support for IntelliJ has been updated with many enhancements as part of a seemingly innocuous "path handling" fix. The IDE doesn't appear to be usable in the same way it was in the past and many functionalities have been broken as a result (including support for jtreg test execution using the plugin).
> For the above reasons, I'm reverting the plugin and idea.sh code to last known working version. Any targeted fix can be re-applied after the revert. Larger enhancements need to be discussed in the proper venue:
> https://openjdk.java.net/groups/ide-support/

It got stuck in moderation. Tim has fixed the config now, so this message should hopefully appear.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk17/pull/61

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