Intellij project with

Sergei Ustimenko fdesu at
Tue Jun 29 15:51:40 UTC 2021


I had a small, perhaps even dummy, question about and current version of Intellij and how
to configure it for the core-libs source tree.

It is very nice that there is a script to generate an idea project - it really saves a lot of time.
I followed instructions
from Maurizio, though when I generate the project, I get following:
- all the classes in all modules are excluded from compilation (not sure if this is intended or not;
all the classes' and source folders' icons in the project view have a tiny cross in the left upper corner).
- sdk is missing (but I, of course, can add it very easily - the one from the build/ folder)
- there are classes in core-libs that don't have access to certain packages from other modules
e.g. can't access HttpHeadersBuilder because of
the following problem: "Package '' is declared in module
'', which does not export it to the unnamed module". Ide highlights all such occurrences
red although it indexes them and I can jump to them. I can add it these modules manually but I don't
think it the best way to move forward.

I am not sure if I'm missing anything or doing something wrong but could you please guide me
a bit or point in the right direction how can I set up Intellij Idea to work with core-libs properly.
I don't really want my setup to backfire.

I use Intellij Idea 2021.1.2, ant-1.10.10 to run and openjdk build with make works fine for me.


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